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Industrial style interiors were (in the beginning) abandoned factories or warehouses with large windows and high ceilings, transformed into homes. The last 3 can be found more easily on floors, stairs, ceilings and walls. So remember that when integrating wood, metal, cement, brick and leather into the interior design of your home, these materials must be exposed in their most natural version.

For this reason, it’s common to find recycled or reused furniture in industrial-style spaces, such as pallet tables or seats, which are the most popular types of furniture.

However, recycling results in endless possibilities with great originality, such as the Tumba side table and floor lamp. Typical in industrial decoration are luminaires with wide and large screens, such as those of a cinematographic or photographic style.

Visible light bulbs and lamps made with recycled or reused elements are also part of the industrial spaces. This is presented as a decorative style that respects the environment and adds its “grain of sand” to the current eco-friendly trend that we at Ekohunters defend and promote.

Estilo industrial: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?
Estilo industrial: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

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Industrial Style Dining Room Design