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3413 Marion Drive
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Go back to your childhood, with a roughshod wooden bed hanging from the ceiling. Hang iron pipes on your wall to hear how the water runs.

Throw woollen throws and suede chairs beside factory carts, softening harsh surfaces. Bach floorboards, an exposed brick wall, grated ceiling fan and variety of patterns ensure a different décor at every turn. Utilising an awkward space to full effect, three layered concrete panels provide the perfect canvas for a sliced-orange moon, running copper dog and metal cage accessories. Bedding completes the look by reinforcing artistic white and orange hues.

Clever inlets in the divider provide a bedside table, while muted grey and white bedding, expanding grey walls and floorboards make the space look larger. Filled with sunlight from factory windows beside, a futon bed and greyscale sketch mark the space for sleeping.

An antique headboard attracts attention while rugs, leaning prints and a bicycle fill the space. This low, wide room dots their forms, large and small, across a series of industrial, British flag-backed platforms.

This bedroom feels industrial yet chic, as perforated windows create circles of light over a wooden floor and matching headboard. Straight-from-the-factory concrete tiles, aptly-shaped side tables and TV crew lighting complete the look.

Wooden floors and ceilings frame concrete tiles in this rectangular bedroom, with each piece of furniture assuming the shape. As a wooden artwork hangs over two rectangle-forming amps, the living room table mirrors their form.

A low bed, TV cabinet, bookcase and room divider follow the trend. A velvet wingback offers alternate views of an abstract photo and the city beyond. Texturing is the real hero of this industrial style white bedroom. Grey floors introduce elegance, as a similarly-coloured bed frame is draped with patterns and black.

This many-windowed bedroom makes the most of its space by letting light peek through wooden Venetians. Try the concrete arch in this bedroom space – in place of a door. This bedroom lets in light as shades of blue patch the rug, chair and bedding.

Steel Venetian blinds and a steampunk-style chandelier ensure the industrial isn’t lost.

Three concrete planes hold blocks of wood and suede, as corrugated iron lines the ceiling. Dare to use rusted metal as the base for your bedroom.

This unique separating wall and floor are the perfect canvas for a wheeled trolley bed. Sleep in the theme day and night, as nautical overtones mix with this industrial sleeping space.

This bed on a hanging crate hovers over concrete and between industrial windows, as wooden tiles mimic its shape.

Extending over to form an inbuilt shelf, concrete holds books, ornaments and a few prints telling us more.

Caging masks an exterior brick wall, while grating skims over the entrance of this unique bedroom. This roughshod wooden frame mixes industrial and beach themes beneath concrete walls.

This industrial bedroom sleeps guests under the British flag and gets work done above it. High concrete ceilings with grated panels keep it fun, as unpolished wood holds the bed and LEDs beneath. A potted tree and colourful artwork keep the room full of colour. Elevated on rustic wood, this bedroom uses black and white to decorate between, with a Mondrian-esque gridded artwork, thick steel joinery, wall-hung tables and black bedding.

A studio light panel, hover lamp and unpolished floor won’t go astray. Opening to a full concrete wall, grey tones in an abstract artwork, bedding and side tables complement those in the more modern living room.

Metal chairs and lamps blend the two upon a shared wooden floor.


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