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It celebrates and exposes what most other styles try to cover up. You’ll discover sleek, geometric shapes; natural, distressed finishes; and metal hardware from antiqued brass to oil-rubbed bronze.

Stick to neutral colors when creating your modern industrial palette, and steer clear of anything too bright or whimsical.

Pull warm, neutral colors that occur naturally in a North American environment like browns, greens, earthy reds and creams. Shades of gray and black can also work well when mixed with white to add a crisp, clean look. Modern industrial interior design celebrates the natural architecture and structure of a space.

Exposed pipes, beams, and ducts that are the signature feature of an industrial style. But it’s also a really cool way to honor the history and integrity of your building, and there’s got to be some good karma for you there. For this look, you’re likely to find strong and durable materials that carry that American grit with them: steel, iron, reclaimed wood, cast iron, and leather.

The modern industrial look also gives allowance for a few warmer options, like wood or stone. Lighting an industrial space can be tricky because of all the darker elements. Metal finishes and distressed, vintage lighting options are perfect for this look.

Modern industrial furniture and decor is essential to getting this look right, regardless of the living spaces you’re working with. Plush leather sofas, soft hand-knotted wool rugs, and warm wooden tables offer a level of comfort. In addition to being a source for beautiful high quality furnishings and decor, Kathy Kuo Home has a team of professional interior designers that are ready to assist with all of your interior design needs.

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