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Colour has always been a defining part of the Porsche experience. Ferry Porsche himself would always ensure that his company cars were painted in one of a select number of subtle, elegant shades, such as Oakgreenmetallic, Olivegreen, Emeraldgreenmetallic or Brewstergreen. It is a tradition that has been continued by Dr Wolfgang Porsche to this day, with several cars in his private collection finished in the same colours his father favoured more than half a century ago. Going beyond the extensive range of series and special colours, the Paint To Sample colour options allow customers to underline their own personality and lifestyle even more visibly. En route he was informed that once again, Exclusive Manufaktur would be able to provide a special PTS finish, and without hesitation he settled upon Dr Porsche’s beloved Brewstergreen. “From laying out the paint and leather samples over lunch to see how they would interact, to seeing the renders, it was an experience like no other,” he recalls.

“It was an honour, pleasure and a privilege to realise my dream,” says the owner. The journey was so unique and personal that I can’t see myself ever parting with it.

Sofa-Hocker Lennon aus Cord

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