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Furnishing a combined living-dining room: ideas for the optimal design A separate dining room offers many advantages - but space is not enough in most apartments. To begin with, you should think about how the room works best in everyday life. If there is no other way than setting up the dining table far away from the kitchen, then a small crockery cart or a rollable side table helps. The most important basic rule for rooms that are used multiple times: You need structure . You can play wonderfully with colors and delimit individual areas .

Tip: Don't forget that the room still belongs together. For example, a uniform color scheme with different accents in the dining and living areas is ideal. Tip: If you value flexibility and always want to divide your living-dining room differently, then rollable furniture (e.g.

Whether sideboard, bookshelf or showcase: Elongated pieces of furniture are the ideal room dividers . In addition to furniture, you can also use large houseplants as separating elements - or how about a combination of both? It is best to set up the table and chairs near the window : This way you get a bright, light-flooded dining area and you don't always have to rely on artificial light for meals.

In smaller rooms, however, this takes up too much space that is then missing in the living area. If there are guests visiting and you need more seats, then you pull the table a little forward for a short time.

Such a setup is particularly useful for corner sofas or upholstered landscapes. Regardless of whether it's books or decorative items: there is a shelf in almost every living room.

But you can also experiment little and try different places: Why not attach a hanging shelf with tasteful decoration above the dining table? Although you should use decorative objects sparingly, the room cannot work without them.

The Scandinavian style is now well-known: Reduced, yet cozy living with everyday suitability. The so-called "Warm Nordic Style" takes all of this and adds some strong splashes of color : bright orange, red or deep blue are desired here!

However, make sure you only use bright colors in places - the clear, Scandinavian design language should dominate.

Natural materials also dominate here - preferably in their raw, unprocessed form.

In contrast to the playful country house style, you will find rather clear lines. To furnish your living-dining room in a modern country style , for example:

a large dining table made of untreated solid wood Cooler materials such as glass or metal ensure a particularly modern, elegant look.

Accordingly, you should use decoration very carefully and sparingly.

Rely on tall, narrow wall shelves - this way you can make optimal use of the space in terms of height and create storage space. In narrow rooms, it has proven useful to push a rectangular dining table to the front of the room - with its long side. When it comes to colors and decoration, you should hold back a little in small rooms: Otherwise, too many different colors or decorative objects make the living-dining room appear overcrowded.

Open and multifunctional living spaces are on the rise: In modern interior design one likes to leave out walls and thus create lighter, airier surfaces.

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