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3413 Marion Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

In this timber framed house with large floor to ceiling glazing, the surrounding nature becomes an integral feature of the living space as interior and exterior boundaries are virtually diffused. The result is the arrangement of a one-storey wellness pavilion, separated from the main house which, together with house and carport, encloses a small courtyard with a garden pond and seating area. Only the north facing side, which receives less sun, provides an amount of privacy with shrubs and greenery.

Considerable attention was paid to the precise layout of doors and furniture. A reading and meditation room is placed on the upper floor. The Poggenpohl kitchen is equipped with high quality modern PORSCHE-DESIGN and has a cosy breakfast area.


Eisen Wand Hintergrund Textur Material Stahl Metall Platte Farbe

So gestalten Sie eine Vintage Küche mit Charme!