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Looking for the best modern sofa and couch trends of 2022? Check out this ultimate buying guide that will help you level up your home today!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I might make a small commission at no extra charge to you. Through experience, I have learned that 99% of people start with the sofa and couch when designing their living room.

Designers tend to say sofa while many homeowners call it a couch. That term was defined as “a part of the floor raised a foot or two, covered with rich carpets and cushions, and used for sitting upon”.

This post is all about the best sofa and couch trends of 2021. Since the sofa and couch will be with you for at least seven years it’s important to choose wisely. The design style and look you are after will determine which sofa is best for your living space.

Warm color palettes featuring dusty pinks, burnt oranges, and elegant browns Leather and fabric upholstery mixed in sofas in a monochromatic color scheme No matter which style sofa you choose it is important to always start with a floor plan of your space.

This is especially important when you are shopping for a modular or sectional sofa. This way you have a clear idea of the exact size sofa that will fit in your space.

Unless money is no issue in which case shop till you drop! Some vendors offer sectional connectors to keep the pieces together while others do not. If you want to create a new configuration the connectors can usually be removed. See below for details on each of these luxurious sofa fabrics.

These fabrics are longer lasting and better for the environment. There are many styles available in these high-performance fabrics so definitely check them out when shopping for your new sofa and couch. Traditionally made from wool, bouclé fabrics can also be constructed of other materials such as polyester, linen, cotton, or silk. Bouclé is ideal for adding softness to sofas, chairs, window treatments, accent pillows, rugs, and more. The fabric’s unique look and feel contribute to its recent rise in popularity. You’ll never want to get up from your sofa with this material.

Despite what some may think velvet upholstery fabric is durable and strong. It is perfect for upholstering chairs, sofas, benches, and headboards. Velvet is currently trending but has been around for centuries.

This fabric will give your sofa and couch a lux look that is timeless. This fabric is super durable and features 100,000 to 200,000 double rubs. We have one in our living room and my husband is OBSESSED with it.

To make an impact in your living room design consider the curved sofa. The bench seat sofa is another style I personally have in my home. The sleeper sofa is awesome for those who have frequent overnight guests.

I love blush pink but would only choose that in my home if it was at a lower price point because I like to change things often. When you invest in a quality sofa most people tend to keep it for several years. The above link features resources in a variety of styles, materials, and price points.

I pulled together my favorites by price and will continue to add more so do check back often. I personally love a modern track arm but if that’s not your jam there are so many others to choose from.

I recently added this category of pet sofas because they are just super cute!

When it comes to our pets they quickly become a part of the family. This is especially the case if it’s a newly purchased couch. High-performance fabric sofa or not my rule is no pets allowed.

As usual, I pulled together my favorites that are perfect no matter your budget. This is one long-ass post about all the unique sofa resources available for your next project. I hope this gave you ideas and inspiration to get started today! This post is all about the best sofa and couch trends of 2022.

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