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Main characteristics of an Industrial style are raw exposed materials such as wooden beams, brick walls, metal pipes. Due to raw materials, tall ceilings and the open concept it comes across as a cold space.

10 Clever Ways to Warm up the Industrial-Style Home like a pro:

What works well in an open concept industrial space is large scale sofas, cabinets, tall shelves, big wall art, oversized light fixtures, floor to ceiling curtains to celebrate the high ceilings.

Another really important thing is to separate different areas with traffic flow in mind. The best way to that is to measure and make selections with tape so you can get the exact idea of how much space you have left.

To make it even cosier and warm layer rugs with different textures. It’s like having a blank page and freedom to draw anything you wish.

Adding lots of greenery will instantly make space feel fresh and cosy. Placing large unique ceiling pendants and table lamps with soft light will absolutely make space feel like someone actually lives there. Don’t be shy to add splashes of warm colours like red, yellow, or pink. It can also help separate the room into different sections.

Take a look at my absolute favourite picks when it comes to Eco-friendly home decor. As Bob Ross once said, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”. Feel free to explore and make your own “creative accidents”.

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Barbulianno Design


Why The Industrial Style Is So Popular In Home Interior Design?